Featured Court Reporter

Amy Harkness PicAmy has been working as a court reporter since 2011. Before becoming a court reporter, Amy worked for eight years as a magazine copy editor. In 2008, she decided that she wanted to try something completely new, and the challenge of learning to use a steno machine very much appealed to her. Currently, Amy is writing at roughly 200 words per minute.

When asked what she loves most about being a court reporter, Amy says “I love the variety of jobs and learning new things—and I love the occasional shock of hearing a witness or lawyer say something completely unexpected. I also love the versatility of the schedule, of working hard for a few days and then having several days off.”

Amy also has advice for prospective court reporters: “As for court reporting students, the best advice I could give is to practice as much as possible. Carve out extra time in your day by getting up super early and sitting down at your steno machine.”

In her spare time, Amy enjoys being outside, spending her time camping, kayaking, hiking and exploring.