AOM Earl CherniakOn being a Commercial Arbitrator: Lessons Learned

Earl Cherniak was last night’s Arbitrator of the Month at Arbitration Place and we had an exceptional turnout at the event. Earl (he insists we call him Earl, not Mr. Cherniak) spoke about his experience in commercial arbitration and the lessons he has learned throughout the years; “lessons learned the hard way”. Highlights of the evening included Earl’s humorous insight into becoming a commercial arbitrator while insisting on maintaining his day job as counsel. While Earl provided the intimate group with some valuable tips regarding the initial phase of arbitration, the retainer, the importance of conflict checks, etc., it is Earl’s personal stories on a variety of topics which captivated the audience. This resulted in an engaging Q&A session, which ultimately led to the conclusion that every good arbitration retainer must have an excellent cancellation fees’ clause!


The evening was a smashing success and our appreciation goes out to Earl for his informative and witty outlook on commercial arbitration. His paper is available through the following link: C:\Users\Be-Nazeer\Documents\On Being a Commercial Arbitrator Lessons Learned by Earl Cherniak.pdf

We look forward to seeing you all next month when ASAP features Brian Casey as Arbitrator of the Month.