Featured Court Reporter

chrispic_for siteChris has been working as a court reporter for two years. While looking for a career change, he saw an advertisement on the subway for a local stenography school and hasn’t stopped since. Currently, Chris is writing at speeds of over 200 words per minute.

When asked what he loves most about being a court reporter, Chris says, “All of the challenges and unique experiences, the variety the constantly meeting new people and the flexibility of the job.” For practice, Chris goes back to the textbook and uses his student drills as well as drills found on YouTube.

When asked for advice for aspiring court reporters, Chris doesn’t mince words. “Be prepared to push yourself beyond any limits that you think you have. If you identify that you are avoiding something, you need to stop everything and focus on that. Focus on the day to day. Get from today to tomorrow. Try to add something to your “kit” each day.”

When he isn’t working, Chris enjoys watching movies and working on his ’86 Cutlass