Featured Court Reporter

Christal C. - ASAP Featured ReporterChristal officially began as a court reporter in February of 2010 after completing the court reporting program at the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies.

She was first introduced through a television special featuring CCVS on her local Chinese channel.  The interest developed as she spent more time on the machine learning this new language. Christal was hooked when she wrote her first sentence, “The cat is black.”

When practicing, Christal uses an eclectic playlist ranging from audio of different matters she has attended, to YouTube videos, to PVR recordings of red carpet interviews. When asked about her favourite part of working as an ASAP court reporter, Christal says, “What I enjoy most about working with ASAP are the opportunities:  the opportunity to work in a different location from one day to the next; the opportunity to brainstorm through a challenge with ASAP’s support team; the opportunity to meet new or reconnect with reporter friends and talk shop.”

When Christal isn’t on the job, she enjoys reading, taking long walks, and relaxing in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal. Her advice for aspiring court reporters? “Whether it is the beginning of the job, or five hours into the job, the mantra repeating in my head is ‘Stay on the speaker’.”