Featured Court Reporter

Deborah started court reporting in 2011. A graduate of the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies, she is currently writing at 180 wpm. Formerly an editor of specialist business magazines in Australia, Deborah emigrated to Canada in 2000.

Court reporting seemed a natural transition given her editorial background and skills because, she says, “It requires a facility with language and the adaptability to work with changing constellations of people, cases and settings. These are my strengths.”

What are Deborah’s favourite aspects of court reporting? “I get to witness some of our country’s best legal practitioners at work and to participate in the legal system on which Canadian society is founded. I see human nature in all its variations. It is fascinating, meaningful work. At the end of the day, it is my job to produce clean, reliable transcripts which have a life of their own in the legal system, and I am really proud of my finished product.”

When she isn’t working, Deborah indulges her passion for art history by visiting galleries and museums and generally appreciates the panoply of quirkiness that is life in West End Toronto. “Things I Have Seen on the TTC” is a possible title for her as-yet-unwritten first book.