Featured Court Reporter

Our Court Reporters are the heart of ASAP. They are professionally trained, fully committed and at the top of their industry. We are proud of our reporters and would like to recognize their commitment and dedication.

Cynthia Y.

Featured Court Reporter


Cynthia Y.Cynthia Y. has been a court reporter since March 2010 and currently writes at speeds of up to 225 words per minute. She was looking for a career change back in 2007-2008. While thinking about completing an MBA, Cynthia saw a documentary on court reporting and CCVS. By the end of the documentary, Cynthia had already decided to call the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies and set up an informational …

Lisa N.

Featured Court Reporter


Lisa N. ASAP ReportingLisa N. has been a court reporter since 2008, working with ASAP Reporting Services since 2012. It was suggested to her by a client of her mother’s that she should look into court reporting after “learning of my love for grammar, editing, and law.”

The ability to travel is one of Lisa’s favourite parts about being a court reporter. “Court reporting offers me ample opportunities to travel for work. Sometimes I’ll …

Jenn F.

Featured Court Reporter


1380617_10151725061788598_1693677359_nJenn has been a court reporter since mid-2011 after graduating from the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies. After having a hard time deciding on what to do after high school, her dad introduced her to his friend, Teresa F., who told Jenn all about the world of court reporting. Currently, Jenn is writing between 200 and 225 words per minute.

When asked for her advice for aspiring court reporters, Jenn says “Never turn …

Valerie B.

Featured Court Reporter

Valerie B. ASAP Reporting ServicesValerie began her work as court reporter in 2011 immediately after finishing her studies at the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies. Currently, Valerie is writing at 180 words per minute with the goal of increasing her speed over the next several months. After beginning her career as an interior designer, she saw a subway ad with an image of a steno machine and thought she could possibly enjoy a …

Marion L.

Featured Court Reporter

Marion L. court reporterMarion has been working as a reporter for nearly 4 years, reaching speeds of 200 words per minute. She was looking for a career in something exciting and challenging at the same time and ever since she was young, she had enjoyed playing the piano. Naturally, she thought becoming a stenographer would make perfect use of those skills.

When asked what she loves about being a court reporter Marion say, “I …

Deborah E.

Featured Court Reporter

Deborah started court reporting in 2011. A graduate of the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies, she is currently writing at 180 wpm. Formerly an editor of specialist business magazines in Australia, Deborah emigrated to Canada in 2000.

Court reporting seemed a natural transition given her editorial background and skills because, she says, “It requires a facility with language and the adaptability to work with changing constellations of people, cases and settings. These are my …

Lisa B.

Featured Court Reporter

Lisa has been a certified court reporter for over 30 years. Currently, Lisa is certified under the National Court Reporters’ Association as a Certified Realtime Reporter, Certified CART Provider (Communication Access Translation for persons who are deaf of hard of hearing), Registered Professional Reporter, and Chartered Shorthand Reporter of Ontario and writes at speeds of upwards of 300 wpm constistently.

When she started, Lisa was the youngest court reporter at the District Court at …

Christal C.

Featured Court Reporter

Christal C. - ASAP Featured ReporterChristal officially began as a court reporter in February of 2010 after completing the court reporting program at the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies.

She was first introduced through a television special featuring CCVS on her local Chinese channel.  The interest developed as she spent more time on the machine learning this new language. Christal was hooked when she wrote her first sentence, “The cat is black.”

When practicing, Christal …

Amy H.

Featured Court Reporter

Amy Harkness PicAmy has been working as a court reporter since 2011. Before becoming a court reporter, Amy worked for eight years as a magazine copy editor. In 2008, she decided that she wanted to try something completely new, and the challenge of learning to use a steno machine very much appealed to her. Currently, Amy is writing at roughly 200 words per minute.

When asked what she loves most about being …

Chris S.

Featured Court Reporter

chrispic_for siteChris has been working as a court reporter for two years. While looking for a career change, he saw an advertisement on the subway for a local stenography school and hasn’t stopped since. Currently, Chris is writing at speeds of over 200 words per minute.

When asked what he loves most about being a court reporter, Chris says, “All of the challenges and unique experiences, the variety the constantly meeting new …

Victoria J.

Featured Court Reporter

Victoria_Janda_WebsiteVictoria has been a reporter for five and a half years and can now write at speeds of 225 wpm. Her interest in court reporting came from the influence of Teresa Forbes, who she had always admired and developed an interest in her career. Teresa inspired Victoria to go back to school and start on a new path.

Victoria passed her first leg of the NCRA RPR certification test at 200 words per minute. When asked about …

Shirley S.

Featured Court Reporter

Shirley Sereney_websiteShirley has been doing court reporting for 30-plus years. She was first introduced to court reporting when a court reporter in Ottawa asked her to type transcripts. She had worked at Senate Debates (Hansard) for nine years as a transcriptionist when she decided that she wanted to do court reporting. One of the companies Shirley had done transcripts for hired her to report, and the rest is history. Shirley was …

Nancy L.

Featured Court Reporter

Nancy LowreybiopicNancy has been reporting for 29 years!!!  She became interested in court reporting when a friend from work mentioned that her girlfriend was visiting.  The friend had just completed a course at George Brown College and was visiting Toronto to write the CSRAO exam.  Nancy was looking to go back to school at the time and made inquiries at George Brown and ended up quitting work and going back to school as a full …

Lisa L.

Featured Court Reporter

bio picture Lisa LambertiLisa has been reporting for 17 years, starting full-time in April 1998. She became interested in court reporting as she was drawn to the idea of self-employment and not working 9 to 5. Currently, Lisa is writing at approximately 300 words-per-minute. Her favourite aspect of court reporting life is the fact that no two days are ever the same. “I am lucky enough to be involved in such …

Teresa F.

Featured Court Reporter


Teresa has been a court reporter for 36 years. After working at a number of firms in secretarial-related positions, Teresa felt restless and wanted to challenge herself to learn more. Teresa has achieved the RMR designation (Registered Merit Reporter) through the National Court Reporters Association. This designation means that she is able to write question and answer material at 260 words per minute with at least 97% accuracy. Teresa still practices today, usually while watching BNN …