Featured Court Reporter

Marion L. court reporterMarion has been working as a reporter for nearly 4 years, reaching speeds of 200 words per minute. She was looking for a career in something exciting and challenging at the same time and ever since she was young, she had enjoyed playing the piano. Naturally, she thought becoming a stenographer would make perfect use of those skills.

When asked what she loves about being a court reporter Marion say, “I love the fact that every job I cover is unique and exposes me to a lot of topics ranging from trademark law cases to human rights law. I enjoy the challenges that come with the job because it allows me to consistently learn and build my dictionary allowing me to gain experience for future jobs. It’s a satisfying feeling at the end of the day to know that the transcripts that I produce are valuable and is the official record for years to come.”

Marion also shared her advice for aspiring court reporters. “Don’t be afraid to take on new job opportunities that may seem daunting to you at first because every bit of experience that you can get will only help make things easier for you in the future. There will always be something new to be learned on the job and the best way to learn is by enduring through new experiences.”

When Marion isn’t working, she can be found watching basketball games and following the Toronto Raptors, biking, watching movies, grabbing coffee with friends, and spending time with family (when she’s not editing transcripts!).