Featured Court Reporter

Nancy LowreybiopicNancy has been reporting for 29 years!!!  She became interested in court reporting when a friend from work mentioned that her girlfriend was visiting.  The friend had just completed a course at George Brown College and was visiting Toronto to write the CSRAO exam.  Nancy was looking to go back to school at the time and made inquiries at George Brown and ended up quitting work and going back to school as a full time student. Nancy has her CSR (200 wpm) from the CSRAO and RPR(225wpm) from the NCRA.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at ASAP, Nancy says “The people.  I’ve been working for ASAP since 2004 and Kim has always had an exceptional team of people.  Some of the faces have changed but I’ve enjoyed working with everyone.”

For practice, Nancy likes to watch the news. She says “I find it hard to write my favourite shows because I’m not actually listening to the show.  When I was a student, I would write the news to build my dictionary.  I tell all the students that shadow with me to do the same, and don’t forget to go back in and edit your work.”

Nancy loves the variety of the work that she gets to do as well as the opportunity to travel, and the flexibility that allows her to work in her backyard on a sunny day.  When Nancy isn’t working, she enjoys travelling with her son, drinking wine, gardening, and socializing with friends.