Kimberley Stewart – Founder & CEO

Kimberley Stewart is a respected Canadian entrepreneur who founded and built three highly successful legal services businesses. Kim started her career as a court reporter, leading her to found ASAP Reporting Services and later, the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies, the only college in Canada dedicated to the training of real-time court reporters. Her hallmark is attention to detail and she leads by example. She is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and every aspect of ASAP has been well-thought out and meticulously executed with the user’s needs in mind. Kim is also the founder and CEO of Arbitration Place.

Nathalie Fisher – President

Nathalie is a seasoned executive with a background in resourcing as well as financial and organizational management. She oversees all aspects of ASAP’s business and sets the tone for the company’s development in addition to managing Requests for Proposals and contracts for all levels of government. Nathalie also lobbies and advocates for the profession of court reporting.

Tricia Smith – Vice-President, Operations

Tricia is a trained legal assistant who now supervises all elements of ASAP’s operations. Working closely with both staff and clients, she provides advice and consults with each department as needed to ensure a smooth delivery of services, especially on complex matters. Tricia is responsible for ASAP’s technology and continually researches new products to ensure that ASAP is kept on the cutting edge of the industry. She is also responsible for the creation and implementation of all the company’s policies and procedures.

Daniel Dawalibi – General Counsel & Arbitral Secretary

Daniel Dawalibi joined ASAP Reporting Services after building a busy practice with the litigation group of a leading national law firm. Mr. Dawalibi brings his strong legal and administrative skills, diverse academic background and international experience to bear in assisting our world-class arbitrators in the management and support of ongoing Arbitral Tribunals. As General Counsel, he manages a broad range of legal affairs on behalf of ASAP Reporting Services and its sister company, Arbitration Place.

Catherine Hicks – Office Manager

ASAP_Hicks_Headshot01_for website

Catherine is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly at the ASAP Toronto office. Her smile is usually the first thing clients see when they enter  our facilities. Catherine works alongside our clients to ensure that all their needs are met, from teleconferencing units to kosher dining. There is no request that she can’t handle. When she’s not tending to the needs of our clients, Catherine ensures that ASAP is a fine-tuned machine, managing inventory and organizing bookings. Catherine is also a fantastic concierge, offering expert knowledge of local Toronto hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.

Genevieve Malette – Resource Manager

Genevieve Malette

Genevieve manages all ASAP client bookings and reporter assignments. She is the person who will ensure your matter is assigned to the most appropriate person. She has excellent organizational skills and an exceptional relationship with our reporters. Before joining ASAP, Genevieve headed two departments at a document-management company. She studied psychology at University of Ottawa.

Sherrie Mundy – Manager of Accounting, Human Resources Manager


Sherrie is responsible for maintaining the fiscal integrity of ASAP. From petty cash to payroll, Sherrie does it all and while ensuring the bills are paid. Her attention to detail is second-to-none. As the Human Resources Manager, Sherrie is also in charge of finding the best and brightest minds to ensure that ASAP continues to maintain the high standard it has set for itself in the legal industry. Sherrie is essential in fostering and maintaining a positive work environment for all ASAP staff.