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Artists Featured:
James Starkman, Cara Bloch, Paul Totti and Regina Garcia

PHOTO4: The Work of Four Photographers 
Curated by Randy Gladman of The Ministry of Artistic Affairs 
Though photography has existed as an artistic medium for more than 180 years, it has never been more relevant than it is today.
In our hyper-mediated culture, images have become a primary method of relating information about the world; we tend to believe
news reports only when there is a photograph or video to accompany the story. More importantly, we now never leave home
without our cameras; chances are you have at least one cell phone on you and therefore at least one camera. Digital photography
has seamlessly become part of our everyday lives. With social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we are now able to
share images of our lives as they unfold and track those of both our loved ones and our casual acquaintances with ease and
fluidity. In our Age of Information, we internalize the information we are bombarded with most successfully and frequently through
the photographic image.
As a result, photography as a medium has moved into the centre of attention in the art world over the past twenty years. Whereas
throughout most of the 20th Century photography was largely considered a journalistic medium, the rise to importance of artists like
Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall, and Andreas Gursky, all of whom used photography as their medium of choice, signaled a new
acceptance of this important mode of image making. An incredible rise in value of photographic works at important international art
auction houses has followed.
“PHOTO4” presents the works of some very exciting young artists working with this medium and displaying their images the
international marketplace. The photographs in this exhibition explore the interaction of society with the landscape. From the hills
of Northern Italy to the urban streets of Brooklyn to the frontier farms of Central Ontario, in these photographs we see how the
landscape provides a diverse and malleable environment for human activity and ambition.
James Starkman is originally from Toronto but he has been based in New York City since 1998. His series of photographs for this
exhibition at Arbitration Place continues his exploration of the physical art of “parkour”, the non-competitive activity of efficient
physical movement around obstacles. These photographs were first displayed in New York City at the Lincoln Center’s Furman
Gallery in 2011 and most recently at Yellow Peril Gallery in Providence Rhode Island. They are most spectacular for the basic fact
that they have not been digitally manipulated; these are straight pictures of incredible athletes performing impressive feats of
physical control in the urban landscape. and
Cara Bloch is also based in New York City though she is originally from Miami. She is best known as a rock music photojournalist
and her images of musicians like Kanye West, Jane’s Addiction, and Iggy Pop have appeared in many magazines. She is
frequently hired by recording labels and important music festivals throughout the US. Apart from her commercial work, Cara has
been working on fine art projects for more than ten years. She first exhibited her artwork in Toronto in 2003 and is currently hard at
work on her first monogram, expected to be published in late 2013. The pieces she has contributed to this exhibition are quiet and
sweet meditations that look how the human body acts when placed in nature.
Since the early 1990s, Paul Totti has worked as a commercial artist and designer in the high-tech sector in Ottawa, where he was
born and raised. He recently pursued a life-long dream of moving to Northern Italy in order to discover his Italian heritage. The
expressive series of photographs he has contributed to this exhibition reveal daily life in Italian towns and cities and attempt to
highlight the profound contrasts that appear in the landscape as the modern and ancient worlds intersect. 
Regina Garcia is a Toronto-based commercial photographer who is best known for her advertising images of kids and fashion.
Her impressive client list includes many Forbes Fortune 500 companies. She has recently been branching away from strictly
commercial work and the pieces she has included in this exhibition represent some of her most subtle and nostalgic landscape
photographs taken during a recent period when she lived many kilometers north of Toronto in a rural farmland area. This is the
first exhibition of her artwork in Toronto. 
All the photographs in this exhibition are available for purchase.
Please contact Randy Gladman for more information or to place an order.
Randy Gladman — Ministry of Artistic Affairs