Featured Young Litigator

Ren Bucholz – Lenczner Slaght


Lenczner Slaght is delighted to nominate Ren Bucholz for the Young Legal Talent Program.

Ren joined Lenczner Slaght in 2011 following his clerkship at the Ontario Court of Appeal. Ren brings a unique perspective from his pre-law career as a senior policy analyst representing a non-governmental organization at the World Intellectual Property Organization (a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Geneva) to his thriving litigation practice. While Ren maintains a general litigation practice, he focuses on technology and intellectual property issues, having honed his interest in this area as the recipient of a Google Policy Fellowship during law school, which enabled him to complete his MA thesis on competition law, technology standards and intellectual property. Recently extending his talents to growing his international arbitration practice, Ren is a positive role model for all young lawyers. Creative, engaging, and hardworking, Ren has an exciting future in litigation.

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