Go ahead. Expect a lot.

At ASAP it starts with the caliber of our trained court reporters, many of whom are graduates of a certified two-year program that teaches them introductory law, legal processes and ethics. And their education doesn’t stop there. Before you even set foot in the hearing room they will have studied your matter to make sure they are familiar with the parties, the issues and the terminology.

You’ll be impressed by their professionalism and bowled over by the caliber of our services. We can provide real-time transcripts streamed live. That means when you are examining a witness in Toronto, we can hook your expert in Dallas into the feed and set up a side chat room so that he can text you privately in real time on the testimony being provided.

Speaking of Dallas, we are also an international agency so whether you have an examination in Toronto, Toledo (and that’s Ohio or Spain,) Trois-Rivieres or Timbuktu, we can arrange it. Need Mandarin, Spanish, French or Koyra Chiini translation? We can arrange that too. Everything will be seamless and your transcript will be produced here in Canada and done to Canadian standards in any language you like. Unless, of course, you want something else. Our trained reporters are also experienced in U.S. standards and depositions.

Finally, ASAP is headquartered in Arbitration Place so when you hold your hearing with us it will be in a state-of-the-art hearing room equipped with Herman Miller chairs and ergonomic lighting designed to minimize eye strain. All ASAP clients have access to Arbitration Place’s famed concierge team and to meals prepared by an on-site chef. It’s all part of our service. There’s no extra cost.

We also have offices and a full slate of court reporters in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, to service our clients there. We are proud to count the Federal Court of Canada, the Tax Court of Canada, the U.S. Department of the Navy, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Competition Tribunal and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal among those that have awarded us exclusive contracts.

So when it comes to professionalism, feel free to expect a lot. We deliver.