International Reach

ASAP is an international company with international reach and resources. That means whether you are a Canadian law firm that needs to coordinate international depositions or exams, or an international law firm with a hearing to arrange in Canada, we can help.

We are equipped to handle requests from India to Indiana. No more wondering who to call, how to co-ordinate hearings halfway across the globe. No more hassles with scheduling and multiple billings, no more receiving your transcripts C.O.D. from out-of-country agencies.

When you schedule international bookings with us, we manage all the details so you can rest easy knowing you will get highly trained reporters who take pride in the quality of their work and quick turnaround times — no matter where your hearing is held. You will also get transcripts in English (assuming that’s what you want) and in the format you want.

Regardless of whether your hearing is in English or Urdu, the record will always adhere to the highest standard. At ASAP, we have a commitment to excellence that doesn’t stop at the border. There’s nothing standard about that.