Transcription Services

Think all transcripts are the same? When you use ASAP Reporting Services, you can be certain of one thing: The person in the room reporting your examination or arbitration is exactly the same person preparing the transcript. We do not use one person to collect audio and another for transcription, nor do we send the audio off to a pool of typists. Your transcripts never go offshore, where different standards and privacy laws may apply. With ASAP, your data remains secure and confidential.

If you’ve ever used speech-recognition technology you appreciate that for, four and fore sound exactly the same. The likelihood is high that the software will pick the wrong spelling at least some of the time. Rain, rein, reign. Break fees, brake fees. Whether weather. We could give you hundreds of reasons why software cannot do a court reporter’s job, but you need only one. You do quality work on sophisticated matters, so you expect a record that is accurate regardless of complexity and how quickly it was produced. We expect it too.

You will not dot your eyes and cross your tease. Not on our watch.