Media Services

Live streaming

We understand not everyone important to the proceedings can be in the same room, much less in the same city, when the hearing is scheduled. That’s what technology is for.

At ASAP, we provide the audio, video and text of a deposition securely and in real time to all members of your litigation team – and that applies anywhere around the globe where there is Internet access. That means all your team members will be able to see and hear what is being said, as it is being said, allowing them to observe important non-verbal cues that might not show up in a written transcript.

Our technology even permits you to set up a real-time chat room with your experts or colleagues not on site so they can watch and message you with suggested follow-up questions or pointing out potential discrepancies without incurring the travel expenses.

Gain an edge in the exam/deposition room

  • Strengthen your presence at an exam or deposition and fluster your opponent
  • Broadcast securely, in real time, to experts, paralegals, clients, lawyers, and all other authorized team members
  • Get instant, private input from anyone connected to your group
  • Refine your approach during the exam/deposition
  • Enable everyone on the team to observe the witness
  • Reduce travel expenses


Everyone these days is under time and budget constraints. Why not let our state-of-the art video conferencing service save you time and the high cost of travel? At ASAP, all of our hearing rooms are equipped for video-conferencing so you can seamlessly facilitate your meeting without sacrificing valuable face-to-face communication.

Whether you choose point-to-point or multi-point videoconferencing, we can provide you with DVD recordings of the proceedings if needed. It’s all about options, and we offer the full range.




There are going to be times you need to videotape a deposition or cross-examination or because there are multiple parties on a webcast. No worries.

At ASAP, we have legal video specialists accustomed to working in a legal setting. Most are certified by a well-recognized accrediting body such as the National Court Reporters Association, Video Data Services or the American Guild of Videographers. They are experienced and unobtrusive.

We also offer video synchronization, which allows you to watch the video and see a simultaneous written transcript of what’s going on. If you want to review a particular point all you do is go to the top of that section in the transcript, click on it, and it opens the video right there. So whether you require a videotape of a hearing or court proceeding, audio or video editing services or even a video-deposition transcript, we are on it.