Featured Court Reporter

Shirley Sereney_websiteShirley has been doing court reporting for 30-plus years. She was first introduced to court reporting when a court reporter in Ottawa asked her to type transcripts. She had worked at Senate Debates (Hansard) for nine years as a transcriptionist when she decided that she wanted to do court reporting. One of the companies Shirley had done transcripts for hired her to report, and the rest is history. Shirley was quickly recommended to other people, and it “grew from there”.

When asked about her favourite part of being a court reporter, Shirley states, “One of the great benefits has been the opportunity to travel across Canada many times and also to foreign countries, places that I probably would never have seen on my own.”

“I have to say that the most enjoyable part of my career has been working with A.S.A.P. and with their clients.  They have an amazing staff who are dedicated to making the reporters’ lives as pleasant as possible.”

When asked for advice she would offer prospective reporters, Shirley says, “Taking notes is only half of the job.  The other half is putting the words down on paper so that the transcript is easy to read and understand.”