Featured Court Reporter


Teresa has been a court reporter for 36 years. After working at a number of firms in secretarial-related positions, Teresa felt restless and wanted to challenge herself to learn more. Teresa has achieved the RMR designation (Registered Merit Reporter) through the National Court Reporters Association. This designation means that she is able to write question and answer material at 260 words per minute with at least 97% accuracy. Teresa still practices today, usually while watching BNN or CBC news. Teresa says that “By listening and watching these stations, I am able to stay updated on what is happening in our province, country, and world news.”

While speaking about the benefits of working with ASAP Reporting Services, Teresa states, “ASAP is a wonderful firm to work with. It has a great support team for all their reporters. As well, they provide the support for the reporters to really ‘spread their wings and grow’. I love the work I do as I am constantly challenged. We also get to travel with various assignments, which is a nice perk!&#8221.

Teresa states that she is proud to have spent her career as a court reporter. When she isn’t on the job, Teresa enjoys reading, jogging, kayaking, and spending time with her family.