Featured Court Reporter

Victoria_Janda_WebsiteVictoria has been a reporter for five and a half years and can now write at speeds of 225 wpm. Her interest in court reporting came from the influence of Teresa Forbes, who she had always admired and developed an interest in her career. Teresa inspired Victoria to go back to school and start on a new path.

Victoria passed her first leg of the NCRA RPR certification test at 200 words per minute. When asked about her favourite part of being a court reporter, Victoria says,“ I love the wide variety of cases that we get to work on. I learn something new every day.  Going to a different location and meeting new people ensures there is never a dull moment and never an opportunity to get bored.  I also take pride in creating clean transcripts from rough notes to ensure the client receives an accurate and easy to read record.”

For practice, Victoria prefers using television interviews because they give her “the most effective form of practice in Q&A, while also getting my pop culture fix”. In terms of advice for her colleagues and aspiring court reporters, Victoria says, “For reporters, always show up early and be well prepared. For students, practice, practice, practice.  If you hit a plateau, practice more.  You will eventually break through.”